The applied mechanics lab is a flexible lab where we design customized test rigs and perform advanced measurement to measure how different mechanical forces affect materials and product properties.


By developing smart sensor applications and combining test methods and concepts, we can test realistic load in a controlled environment and in the field, all with the aim of developing sustainable products and technology solutions.

Equipment and technology

The lab houses advanced equipment and possibilities to measure critical parameters, these include force sensors, force plates, pressure insoles, IR camera, pressure distribution sensors, vibration frequency analyzer and distance measuring sensors. There is also a medical freezer and a custom rig to measure vibrations on skis and snowboards.

Examples of tests performed in the lab:

  • Sliding properties on cross country skis
  • Resistance in roller skis
  • Measurement of skis (pressure distribution)
  • Durability in equipment
  • Ski vibrations
  • Methods for snow storing
  • Mechanical effects on instrumented brain
  • Insulation properties of shoes, gloves, socks


The applied mechanics lab complements the other labs and is an important resource for our work in the research areas: Biomechanics and Performance Optimization, Human and Equipment Interaction and Additive Manufacturing and Materials.


Jonas Danvind
Lab manager

Mikael Bäckström
Head of Sports Tech Research Centre