AISound – Acoustic sensor array design for AI monitoring systems

The target of this research is to come up with a step by step design instruction for AI experts to modify and optimize their acoustic sensor array for robust and reliable AI monitoring system.

Installations av ljudmätningsutrustning på SCA:s tak.

Industrial plants require 24/7 monitoring which can be very costly if human experts are appointed. Using acoustic sensor arrays modified for AI acoustic monitoring systems will reduce the cost while providing a wider monitoring area.

Covering the whole industrial plant area with a minimum number of acoustic sensors is an optimization problem which decreases the project cost and improves the accuracy and reliability of the AI monitoring system.

The project will focus on extracting suitable acoustic sensor array structures for industrial environment measurement situations, considering the incorporation of AI support in the measurement systems. In the project there will be development of methodology, array setup experimentation, AI testing for developed methods and industrial trials in collaboration with the partners.

Project leader

Jan Lundgren

Universitetslektor|Senior Lecturer


Project members

Shahab Pasha



Thanh Tran

Doktorand|Doctoral Student