In order to write a good assignment you have to be able to find good books and articles, be able to evaluate them critically and scientifically, be able to correctly reference your sources and be able to write an academic text.


All of these are things you can get help with from the library. At the library you can meet librarians and language tutors who can guide you through the search- and writing process. You can meet us individually, or together in our Academic Resource Centre, which is open weekdays between 13.00 and 14.30. We also have a lot of films and guides for self-study and repetition in The Library in Moodle and in our subject guides.

And, if you are ever offered a library teaching session, take the opportunity!

The Library in Moodle

The Library in Moodle is the library's resource page in Moodle. Here we have gathered information, films, guides and instructions to help you when you are searching for articles, wondering about citing and much more. The resources are divided into modules with different themes. Click on the links below to explore the subjects of interest to you.

Finding and borrowing books
Here you will find out how to search Primo, and how to borrow, and reserve books. There is also information about e-books, how to read references and more.

Finding scholarly and peer-reviewed material
Here you will learn about identifying scholarly articles, using databases and search strategies, such as how to use AND, OR, * and " ".

Review and evaluate sources
Once you have found your material, you have to review it to assess if it is of high enough quality and relevant for your assignment. Here you can find information on peer-reviewed articles, original articles, primary sources, source criticism etc.

Writing essays
Here you will find information about academic writing, citing and reference management, plagiarism and how to document your searches.