Fabian Gunnars

Doktorand|Doctoral Student


Articles in journals

Gunnars, F. (2021). A large-scale systematic review relating behaviorism to research of digital technology in primary education. Computers and Education Open, vol. 2    

Articles, reviews/surveys

Gunnars, F. (2023). A Systematic Review of Special Educational Interventions for Student Attention : Executive Function and Digital Technology in Primary School. Journal of Special Education Technology,  

Conference papers

Gunnars, F. (2022). Analyzing Special Needs Support through Networks and Learning Analytics in Primary Education. In Networked Learning 2022 : Proceedings for the Thirteenth International Conference on Networked Learning (NLC2022). Sundsvall : . pp. 331--334.    

Gunnars, F. , Palmquist, A. & Sundgren, M. (2021). Adult education teacher’s perception of gamification implemented in distance education. In Proceedings of ICERI2021 Conference. Barceló Sevilla Renacimiento, Sevilla, Spanien : . pp. 3049--3056.  

Palmquist, A. , Gunnars, F. , Njå, M. , Gkini, C. , Breien, F. & Jedel, I. (2021). Gamified learning analytics : An initial outline of design concept synergies from two fields. In Proceedings of the Nordic Learning Analytics (Summer) Institute (NLASI 2021). Stockholm, Sweden, August 23, 2021.. Stockholm, Sweden, 2021. : (CEUR)    

Gunnars, F. (2020). Exploring Behaviorism : A Networked (Re)integration. In NETWORKED LEARNING 2020 : PROCEEDINGS FOR THE TWELFTH INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON NETWORKED LEARNING. Kolding, Denmark : . pp. 312--318.    

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