Jussara Reis-Andersson

Doktorand|Doctoral Student


Articles in journals

Reis-Andersson, J. (2023). Leading the digitalisation process in K–12 schools – The school leaders’ perspective. Education and Information Technologies,  

Reis-Andersson, J. (2023). School organisers' expression on the expansion of the access and application of digital technologies in educational systems. The international journal of information and learning technology, vol. 40: 1, pp. 73-83.  

Conference papers

Reis-Andersson, J. (2022). Networking between school organizers - supporting the advanced use of digital technologies in the educational system. Paper presented at the NETWORKED LEARNING CONFERENCE (NLC), Sundsvall, Sweden, May 16-18, 2022.

Reis-Andersson, J. (2022). School organizers’ work with expanding the access and application of digital technologies in schools. In Information Communication Technologies in Education : Proceedings of ICICTE 2022.. pp. 10-

Reis-Andersson, J. (2020). Expanding the use of digital technologies in the Swedish educational system : – A study on management change practice between municipal school organizers and school leaders. Paper presented at the International conference on information communication technologies in education (ICICTE 2020), [DIGITAL] Samos, Greece, July 2-4, 2020.

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