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Theme: Winter sports

Aiming for gold at the Winter Olympics

Mid Sweden University has recently been appointed as a Swedish National Sports University and we also have two research centres focusing on sports. Furthermore, many of the Swedish athletes competing in the Winter Olympics are former students or have trained at our research facilities in Östersund. In the upcoming weeks we will follow them closely in their quest for medals. Read more about Mid Sweden University’s world leading research in the field of winter sports.

NVC Teodor Pettersson

“Not everyone has this opportunity”

The members of the Swedish National Cross-Country Skiing Team now have the opportunity to test out the courses for the 2018 Winter Olympics on a treadmill....

Hans-Christer Holmberg, professor på Nationellt vintersportcentrum

HC Holmberg – professor, inventor and entrepreneur

He is described as a miracle man and the Gyro Gearloose of long-distance cross-country skiing. He has devised a successful slimming method, introduced...

Prins Daniel besöker Sports Tech Research Centre och vindtunneln

Wind tunnel provides perfect testing conditions

The Sports Tech Research Centre's new wind tunnel was unveiled in 2015. Featuring one of the world's largest treadmills, enormous fans and an adjustable ra...


The digital sports arena

Training apps, heart rate monitors and competition suits fitted with sensors are just a selection of the glut of technological innovations to have swept...

Projekt airdrag

Effects of air drag and drafting in double poling cross-country skiing

The aim is to study the effects of air drag and drafting in double poling cross-country skiing by examining how much force and energy the skiers can save...

Recommendations for Altitude Training in Cross-Country Skiing

Natural altitude training can improve performance even when competing at low altitudes.