Remember to handle your invoices for financial statements and holidays!

Thu 23 Jun 2022 08:57

In order for Mid Sweden University to avoid unnecessary costs for late payment interest and reminders, it is important that you handle your invoices on time. It is particularly important now for the interim financial statements (deadline attest of invoices: 30 June 2022).


The UBW EFH invoice system can be accessed via the Tools menu in the employee portal’s top menu, the tool called Invoices (direct address:

If you are unable to handle your invoices yourself, you should appoint a replacement. Contact for questions and to add a replacement for the first time.

Payment procedures this summer

During the period from 27 June to 12 August, EKO will have limited staffing and payments of invoices will be made twice a week. During week 29, i.e. 18/7-22/7, no payments are made.

Other information

Keep in mind that EKO’s staffing on campus is limited during the summer. For urgent matters, please send an email to

If you are outside Mid Sweden University’s firewall and want to handle your invoices, you can do so by connecting via FortiClient (for more information see the heading VPN Network (

When purchasing goods and services, you must primarily ask for an invoice from the supplier. Remember to provide the correct reference when ordering!

If online payment cannot be avoided, EKO recommends you to apply for a private debit card, Eurocard Corporate with personal liability, more information about this card. Payment card ( With such a debit card, you pay your costs directly and then make an expense bill and get the money back through your salary.

More information

Invoice information to send to suppliers when ordering as well as guides on how to fix an invoice. (link to page: Electronic invoices (

Information for suppliers can be found on the following external website: Use this card address in your contact with suppliers.

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