Microsoft 365 (M365) is a cloud-based platform with tools for working anywhere and on different platforms.

Microsoft 365

Create: Word, Excel and PowerPoint

Create: OneNote – a digital notebook

OneNote is an alternative to a regular notebook. You have your own place to quickly save your thoughts, ideas and plans. If you are e.g. working in a group, OneNote is useful for the joint meeting notes.

Introduction and training – OneNote

Save: OneDrive – a personal area for saved files

OneDrive is your personal space where you can save files. You own them, but if you want, you can share selected documents with others, and in real time, together and from anywhere, work in the document and update it.

Introduction and training – OneDrive

Save: SharePoint – a common area for saved files

SharePoint is a common area where files from a team are saved. The files are shared within the team and all team members can work with the files in real time.

Introduction and training – SharePoint

Communicate/collaboration: Outlook– E-mail and Calendar

Communicate/collaboration: Teams – a chat-based collaboration workspace and a meeting tool

Teams is a collaboration workspace where you can create specific groups, e.g. your department (or equivalent) or for a project/work area. It is also possible to connect other external applications. In Teams you can make phone calls, chat, participate in calls and online meetings.

Introduction and training – Teams

Instructions for Teams

Create breakout rooms for meetings

You see the function as a button in the meeting panel when you hold a meeting. It is only the organizer of the meeting who can see the group room button and create group rooms.


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