When you have completed your studies at Mid Sweden University, you may fulfil the requirements for a degree certificate, a document that certifies that you meet the requirements for a particular degree.

Time to apply for a Degree Certificate?

As a student at Mid Sweden University, you might want to apply for a degree certificate at the end of your studies. On these pages you can find the degree requirements for the university, degree requirements that must be fulfilled to obtain a certain degree. Furthermore, you can also find the list of our subjects, frequently asked questions, how to apply for a degree certificat and credit transfer. You can also contact our degree administrators if you have further questions. 

Academic Ceremony

In early October each year it is time for the Academic Ceremony.  It is a promotions- and installation ceremony with subsequent banquet. You can find more information about the ceremony and how to send in material at Academic Ceremony.



State you name and date of birth, often it can shorten the processing time.


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Degree Office
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Visiting address

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Information about how we process personal data

To be able to handel matters concerning an application for a degree or application for a credit transfer we need to use your personal data to make sure we process an application for the right person. Here you can find more details concerning how we process personal data. 

Degree Requirements

Every degree has a qualification descriptor in which the requirements are described - some of the descriptors are translated into English.

Degree Statistics

1525 degree certificates were issued at Mid Sweden University during the year 2018.

Processing of personal data

In the case of handling applications for a certificate or matters regarding credit transfer and questions about such applications, your personal data will be processed by the Degree Office complian...