Konstantin Golpayegani

Doktorand|Doctoral Student


I am initially from Denmark but have different ethnical background and speak 7 languages more or less fluently. I hold a B.A in International Sales & Marketing Management from IBA Denmark. During my education at IBA Denmark, I was engaged in different non curriculum activities such as; participating in international business case competitions and working on corporate projects. I have received awards for my outstanding performance in my studies as well as the the community as a whole. As part of my education, I worked at Gram & Juhl A/S for whom I have developed two thorough consulting project for their business development.

I moved to Sweden back in 2017 to pursue my master's education, M.Sc. in Business Development & Internationalization, where I also have participated in composing corporate projects. After my master's degree, I worked as a freelance entrepreneurial consultant and also offered my services as a private tutor.

The first stage of working in Academia was at Umeå University as a project/research assistant where I gained much knowledge and experience in project management. In late 2021, I started my journey as a PhD student at Mid Sweden University.


My research can be delineated into these areas;
- Entrepreneurship
- Co-opetition
- Digitalization


The mediating role of co-opetition for start-ups in developing Business Model Innovation


I am currently teaching two courses;

- Ekonomistyrning för personalvetare
- Samhällsenttreprenörskap


Chairman of SULF:DCA / Ordförande på SULF Doktrorandförening

Extra kontaktinformation

Work mobile: +46 (0) 767201958



Golpayegani, K. & Mohammadi Limaei, S. (2024). Education in post-pandemic context : A case of Central Sweden. Paper presented at the Fòrum Internacional Educació I Tecnologia (FIET 2024), 12-15 March , Tarragona, Spain.

Golpayegani, K. (2023). Consequences of digitalization on trust in 'equal' co-opetition : A Swedish case study among start-ups. Paper presented at the UCLan Business and Marketing Research Virtual Conference 2023

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