Michael Röslmaier

Doktorand|Doctoral Student


Journeyman's diploma in hospitality following 10 years of working experience

BSc in Tourism Management (University College Kristiania in Oslo, Norway), with a minor in Sociology (University of California, Berkeley)

MSc in Human Geography (Mid Sweden University)

PhD candidate in Tourism Studies at ETOUR (Mid Sweden University)


Artiklar i tidskrifter

Röslmaier, M. & Ioannides, D. (2023). ‘Made in Airbnb’ : Sense of Localness in Neolocalism: Tourism Dynamics on Heimaey, Iceland. Island Studies Journal, vol. 18: 2  

Margaryan, L. , Prince, S. , Ioannides, D. & Röslmaier, M. (2022). Dancing with Cranes : A humanist perspective of cultural ecosystem services of wetlands. Tourism Geographies, vol. 24: 4-5, ss. 501-522.    

Ioannides, D. , Röslmaier, M. & van der Zee, E. (2019). Airbnb as an instigator of ‘tourism bubble’ expansion in Utrecht's Lombok neighbourhood. Tourism Geographies, vol. 21: 5, ss. 822-840.    

Kapitel i böcker, del av antologier

Röslmaier, M. & Albarrán, D. (2022). Local Commitment and Withdrawal in the Wake of Conspicuous Airbnb Place Dynamics on a Cold-Water Island. I Peer-to-peer Accommodation and Community Resilience : Implications for Sustainable Development. CABI Publishing. S. 94-110.  


Petridou, E. , Danielsson, E. , Große, C. , Lundgren, M. , Olofsson, A. & Röslmaier, M. (2018). Risk Communication : A Comparative Study of Eight EU Countries. Paper presented at the 27th Annual Conference of the Society for Risk Analysis Europe (SRA-E Conference 2018), Östersund, Sweden, June 18–20 2018.


Danielsson, E. , Petridou, E. , Lundgren, M. , Olofsson, A. , Große, C. & Röslmaier, M. (2020). Risk Communication : A Comparative Study of Eight EU Countries. MSB  

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