Most of our research projects have industrial partners and many of them have external funding together with faculty funding. All FSCNs projects belong to the research environment of Transformative Technologies.


En snabb strukturomvandling sker inom gröna transporter och tillväxttakten är mycket hög inom den gröna energi sektorn. För att möta morgondagens krav på grön energi och gröna transporter driver vi...


The society of today is moving away from fossil based energy towards renewable sources. The cost of green energy devices is still too high for a wider adoption. To reduce the price new ways of...


The project's main goal is to implement innovative solutions for the production of biomass from waste streams in industrial scale using micro- and macroalgae.


Formas is financing a research project called NovoCell. The research is developed in the research group Surface and Colloid Engineering.

Transform II

Transform is a research project about a new process to produce delignified pulp based on mechanical pulp as raw material.

2D Inks

2D Inks is a Vinnova verification project. The project idea is to verify if a unique scalable process, which can produce two-dimensional materials in industrial quantities at low cost, can be used...


The project "Plasticized cellulose composites for packaging applications" (Compac) has the goal to manufacture plasticized cellulosic materials in pilot scale and identify possible applications of it.

Lithium-ion batteries

Researchers at Mid Sweden University have developed high-capacity batteries using a novel nanomaterial. These new results, published in Scientific Reports (2019), show an increase of capacity by 10...

Head of the Research groups

Bio energy

Wennan Zhang

Eco Chemistry

Erik Hedenström

High Yield Pulping Technology

Per Engstrand

Materials Physics

Håkan Olin

Organic Chemistry

Armando Cordova

Surface and Colloid Engineering

Magnus Norgren