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Ongoing Research Projects at STC

Feeling safe – digital tools in homecare

The purpose of the follow-up research of the pilot project is to evaluate the citizen, relatives' experience of safety, participation, confidence in self-being, health and activity before/after...

Support during dementia

The prevalence of dementia diseases is increasing worldwide with advancing age and growing populations. In Sweden alone, which currently has a population of approximately 9 million people, there ar...


Kristina Lundberg

Universitets-/Högskoleadjunkt |Assistant lecturer

+46 (0)10-1428152

Kyle Lee


+46 (0)10-1428083

Marie Wahlborg

Universitets-/Högskoleadjunkt |Assistant lecturer

+46 (0)10-1427865

Mats Jong

Universitetslektor|Senior Lecturer

+46 (0)10-1428966

Siv Söderberg

Professor emeritus|Professor emeritus

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