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Nursing Science

Nursing means helping and supporting a person and their family in their daily life with a focus on health. It is an independent field of knowledge for which the nurse is responsible. Working with health involves preventing and improving health, as well as restoring and maintaining it.

Ongoing Research Projects

Children and Youth Center in Västernorrland

Children and Youth Center (BUE) in Västernorrland started in February 2022 and the aim is to meet children and young people at an early stage via digital care meetings to prevent and counter the...

Feeling safe – digital tools in homecare

The purpose of the follow-up research of the pilot project is to evaluate the citizen, relatives' experience of safety, participation, confidence in self-being, health and activity before/after...

Future Welfare: Healthcare and School

The program's goal is to pave the way for a larger project, aiming to develop a strong research environment, which in connection with high-quality education can secure competence and skills in the...

Employees at the subject nursing

Kristina Lundberg

Universitets-/Högskoleadjunkt |Assistant lecturer

+46 (0)10-1428152

Siv Söderberg

Professor emeritus|Professor emeritus

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