The University library's assignment is to offer university students and staff library services such as publication support, learning support, study guidance, student health and special support for students with disabilities.

Exteriör Campus Sundsvall

This library's support entails making literature accessible, providing information literacy support and acting as an educational and didactic support for the teachers as well as offering the students an inspiring study environment. In addition, the library also provides an expanding publication support service for researchers. Study guidance, the Student health centre and special support for students with disabilities are also a part of the library's organisation. It is also the workplace library for all university staff and open to the public.

The university library organisation

Policies, plans and rules (only in Swedish)

Library Advisory Council

The Library Council address overall strategic issues concerning the orientation and activities of the University Library, and acts as an advisory body to the library director. The council also ensures and works to ensure that the university library is used effectively in both the undergraduate education and the university's research.

The council meets four times a year and consist of:


Eva Dannetun, Pro-Vice-Chancellor in charge of educational issues.

Faculty representatives

Sandra Wall-Reinius, HUV
Roland Anrup, HUV
Åsa Carlsund, HUV
Suppleant: Anders E Johansson, HUV

Ingela Bäckström, NMT
Mattias Edman, NMT
Christina Amcoff Nyström, NMT
Suppleant: Kristina Brink, NMT

Student representatives

Caroline Vendle, student union Sundsvall
Hilda Månsson, student union Östersund

Library representatives

Torun Sundström and Daniel Fahlén, group leaders UB (conveners)