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Collection of flat design icons, computer and mobile devices, cloud computing, communication, vector illustration

Digitalization means, in an original and perhaps obsolete definition, that something is transformed from analog to digital in order to be processed by a computer. The technological development has made that the concept now raises questions from the full width of society. Mid Sweden University’s research in the area focuses on opportunities and problems connected to the rapid technological development.

On this page you will find news and information from Mid Sweden University, collected under the tag DIGITALISATION. This page is created based on the tag you clicked to get here.

There are 38 English pages and 42 Swedish pages that are tagged with DIGITALISATION. The content may vary depending on language.

Blockchain Lecture

Do you want to know what Blockchain is? Dr. Stefan Forsström at Mid Sweden University gave an open lecture on Blockchain - what it is, and how it can be...

AI for Timber Measurment

Can you measure the volume of timber using AI? Listen to Associate Professor Jan Lundgren at STC, who talks about the research collaboration between Mid...

Smart patches tested by national ski teams

In the near future the Swedish cross-country and alpine ski teams will be testing a new kind of smart patch. Mid Sweden University is part of a new...


The project aims to establish the region of Jämtland / Härjedalen, Västernorrland and Tröndelag as one of Northern Europe's centers for additive...

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