Summer University participants from different countries share their experiences.

Nadia Tamerji

I wanted to learn how I could apply design in the real world, knowing that Sweden is known for its use of sustainability.

Sebastian Fernandez

Summer University is a place to learn and grow. To meet new people and work together as a team.

Pascal Brülhart

At first I was a little lost in what was wanted from us and the goal, but we found a way to work around it and define our goals; then it was really cool to work with everyone towards those goals.

Camilla Lindholm

I like that the project group consists of people from different countries that are studying various subjects. This way, we all have a different perspective on things and can contribute to our...

Jasmin Budmiger

Perfect time and place to work for sustainability, meet new people, and grow in yourself.

Marilou Coste

The best part about the summer university was to meeting new people from different cultures and just enjoying spending some time with everyone!

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