Lars-Erik Rännar

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Lars-Erik got his Ph.D. at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), Trondheim, Norway, with the thesis “On Optimization of Injection Molding Cooling” and since autumn 2014, Lars-Erik’s has a position as an Associate Professor at the Department of Quality Technology, Mechanical Engineering and Mathematics, Campus Östersund, Mid Sweden University.

Area of interest

Lars-Erik's speciality is additive manufacturing and he has more than 15 years of experience within the area. The first studies focused on how to implement what at that time was called rapid tooling into the injection molding industry. Later on, other projects were initiated where additive manufacturing was used as a tool to design and manufacture medical models, that is plastic models manufactured from the data retrieved from x-ray pictures. In 2007, the group acquired the first A2 system (Arcam AB, Mölndal, Sweden) world-wide and at that point, the research group within additive manufacturing was initiated and today Lars-Erik is the head of the research group.

Current research

His research is focused on additive manufacturing and with special focus on the Electron beam melting method (EBM, Arcam AB, Mölndal, Sweden). The method is used within several projects, ranging from sports technology, over to material/process development and medical applications. Together with researchers from from clinical institutions (e.g. Uppsala University, Skåne University Hospital, Östersund Hospital), methods for virtual planning and direct manufacturing of medical implants in biocompatible titanium have been developed in the areas of maxillofacial surgery and orthopedics.

The development of new materials for the EBM process is also an important part of the research. The aim is to develop new materials manufactured in the EBM process which will make it possible to design and manufacture new kind of products with unique characteristics. Today, Lars-Erik and his colleuages are one of a handful of groups world-wide which are certified to do this kind of development and examples of materials that has been developed are stainless steel, amorphous metal and high alloyed high speed steel.

The development of new products and functionalities within the area of Sports Engineering is also in focus for the research carried out by Lars-Erik. Some examples are pole tips for roller skiing on a tread mill and new types of insoles for alpine skiing facilitating optimal force distribution.

Today, Lars-Erik is involved in two national projects and one international project focusing on additive manufacturing.

Teaching and tutoring

Lars-Erik is a teacher in the areas of plastic manufacturing, additive manufacturing, 3D modeling, reversed engineering and computer aided design. He is responsible for numerous courses on both basic and advanced level and program coordinator for the bachelor programmes within engineering.

He is also participating as a lecturer ("Additive Manufacturing Technologies for Metals") in the graduate school hosted by the project "Produktion 2030", a strategic programme for production research and innovation i Sweden.

Other information

Lars-Erik is supervisor for the Ph.D. student Rebecca Klingvall. Rebecca's studies are focused on the biocompatibility of different surface topographies manufactured by EBM.


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Chapters in books

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Conference papers

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Doctoral theses, comprehensive summaries

Rännar, L. (2008). On Optimization of Injection Molding Cooling. Dis. (Comprehensive summary) Trondheim : , 2008 (Doctoral thesis at NTNU : 2008:113)