Håkan Gunneriusson

Docent|Associate Professor


2002 I took my PhD in History, Uppsala. In 2005 I applied to be a research fellow at The Swedish Defence University (SEDU) and was chosen for one of the two positions (19 people applied).

After 2 years at this position I was promoted, in competition with others, to the job of assistant professor at SEDU.

In the last years I have been a visiting research fellow at the Centre of Conflict, Rule of Law and Society, Bournemouth University, a co-operation which has benefited both parts.

I have also been engaged in a range of different NATO contexts due to my work at SEDU:

“Counter Hybrid Threat Experiment”, 2011 in Tallinn;

The Exploratory Team MSG-ET-043 on Hybrid Warfare Modelling and Simulation, 2016 in Rome;

The Workshop for the Strategic Military Partners Conference (SMPC), Izmir 2016.

Expert and founding member of the group Regional (Black Sea and Med) expert group for Countering Hybrid threats at the meeting : “Countering Hybrid Threats in the Mediterranean and Black Sea Regions” NATO Maritime Interdiction Operations Centre (NMIOTC), Chania, Greece, 17-19 September 2019.

I have also contributed to NATO’s Legal Advisor Web with my publications being used as NATO reference documents (LAWFAS) by SHAPE and as scientific contributor.

The Autumn 2018 I was invited as researcher at NATO Defense College, Rome. I also became Docent in War Studies then. All of these contributed to my publications these past years, a range of articles and a book within the discipline of war studies.

I am currently also Affiliate faculty member at the Institute for Governance & Policy Analysis, University of Canberra.


Political Science
War Studies
Social Sciences
University History


Hybrid Warfare
Doctrine change during World War 1
Warfare and Culture


Politisk Teori
Politisk Förvaltning
Sociala Nätverk
Internationell politik


Affiliate faculty member at the Institute for Governance & Policy Analysis, University of Canberra.

Affiliate faculty member at the Institute for Governance & Policy Analysis, University of Canberra

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Skype: gunneriusson_h

070 3968533


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Kapitel i böcker, del av antologier

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