STC - Sensible Things that Communicate develops sensor-based systems and services for use within Internet of Things and AI. The research is conducted in the electronics and computer science with a focus on Industrial IoT, next-generation measurement systems and functional surfaces.

This is STC Research Centre

Our research areas

Smart Industry Sweden företagsforskarskola

Mid Sweden University is a part of the new research school Smart Industry Sweden. A collaboration with Högskolan i Halmstad, Högskolan i Skövde, Högskolan Väst and Jönköping University.


Ongoing research projects

STORE - Electrical energy storage

Society is transitioning from fossil energy to green alternatives. As a result, the need to store energy from, for example, solar panels, wind power and electric cars is increasing. This project ai...

IoT Testbäddar

I projektet "IoT Testbäddar" ska nationella testbäddar inom smart industri och smarta samhällen etableras samt en tankesmedja inom IoT med målet att att öka forskning och utveckling i regionen.

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Lisa Velander

Fakultetsadministratör|Faculty Administrator

010-142 89 58

Christine Grafström

Kommunikatör|Communications Officer

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Sofia de Wall

Kommunikatör|Communications Officer

010-142 82 58