Environmental Science

Ongoing Research Projects

Circular Biomass 3.0

Project Circular Biomass 3.0 is based on the future industrialization of Norrland and focuses on research in clean environment and sustainable local food and energy production.


Bioremediation by composting offers a sustainable nature-based solution to remediate polluted fiberbanks sediments, converting them into a safer and stable product for reuse as a soil amendment or...

Employees at the subject environmental science

Nils Nilsson

Forskningsingenjör|Research Engineer

+46 (0)10-1428151

Firoz Shah

Forskningsingenjör|Research Engineer

+46 (0)10-1428833

Jenny Zimmerman

Universitets-/Högskoleadjunkt |Assistant lecturer

+46 (0)10-1428178

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