Our research in psychology spans many areas of application, with an overarching theme of emotions, emotion expression and emotion processing.

Research groups

Ongoing Research Projects

AMIR - research project

The research project AMIR (assessment of mental health and early intervention for refugees) aims to develop and evaluate methods for assessment and intervention of mental illness among refugees.

Feeling in your own words

Feeling in your own words is a project where we inventory words and expressions related to emotions and mental (un)health.

Limitless competence

The aim of this project is to broaden the scope of competence, to see possibilities across borders, and not let preconceptions limit the view. We study: (1) how employers conceive of competence, wh...

Polygenic risk for anxiety

This project will determine whether polygenic risk for anxiety influences gene-expression in blood and brain function following stress.

Preparing for childbirth in Virtual Reality

Many pregnant women experience some degree of fear or worry when thinking of the upcoming childbirth. In this project, we talk to women with fear of childbirth and healthcare professionals about...


Development and evalutation of internet-based methods for assessment and treatment of mental ill-health among refugees. A research collaboration with LiU and KI.

Employees at the subject psychology

Richard Kowalik

Forskningsassistent| Research assistant

Fara Tabrizi

Doktorand|Doctoral Student

Subject representative

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