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On this page you will find news and information from Mid Sweden University, collected under the tag BIOMATERIALS. This page is created based on the tag you clicked to get here.

There are 10 English pages and 6 Swedish pages that are tagged with BIOMATERIALS. The content may vary depending on language.

FORIC start for new PhD Students

On February 8-9 2018 our new PhD students in FORIC gathered with their supervisors to start their research projects.

Important support for the development of forest industry research

Mid Sweden University is driving av change management with the aim of renewing research at our forest industry research center FSCN. In support of...

Research results in energy efficiency in mechanical pulping

See the presentation from Science and Innovation Day 2017 with our researcher Docent Birgitta Engberg, Thomas Granfeldt from Valmet and Christer Sandberg...

Final Symposium for e2mp

On September 19-20 2017 we gathered with partner companies and funders to discuss and evaluate results from the research program e2mp - energy efficiency...

  • Paper-based supercapacitors can reduce material costs with 90 percents

    05 September - 2017

    Paper-based, environmentally friendly supercapacitors reduce material costs by 90 percent compared to today's technology. This shows a new Doctoral Thesis...

  • Sven Norgren in Almedalen

    05 July - 2017

    Our researcher Sven Norgren gave a seminar about paper to replace plasticbags in Almedalen. The title of the seminar was; "Kan morgondagens plastpåse...

  • New technology makes the paper industry more efficient

    30 June - 2017

    A unique study shows energy savings of 25 percent using smart process optimization. Our research group High yield pulping technology is now finalizing...

  • MILABs official opening

    28 April - 2017

    On April 27 2017 we officially opened our materials and innovation laboratory MILAB at Mid Sweden University. MILAB is a laboratory for advanced...

  • Paper replacing plastic

    03 October - 2016

    A unique manufacturing method for reinforcing paper packaging could mea new opportunities for the forestry industry. Researchers at Mid Sweden...

  • Storskalig energibesparing i pappersindustrin

    20 April - 2016

    Our industry-employed PhD Student Erik Nelsson, Holmen, will defend his Doctoral Thesis in Chemical Engineering on April 21. We send a press release...