About STC

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The long-term vision for STC is to enable future sensor-based systems and services by conducting innovative technology research in electronics and computer technology. Although sensor-based systems and services is general technology, which can be applied in all areas, the research within STC is focused on the application area of Industrial IT.

The main goal for the STC research centre is to become the national centre for sensor systems and services. As a national centre, STC would be the natural partner for application challenges within this area. The research should be of high quality, published in reputable journals and presented at conferences and have an emphasis on educating doctors to be able to both lead development in industry and become successful researchers. Additionally, the research should be useful in terms of generating new knowledge to industry (specifically our partners) and generating innovations that are transferred to new companies.


STC in numbers

Development of staff at STC

STC research environment started in 2005 and has developed from a small research environment with only two professors to a large and recognized research environment involving more than 80 employees. A key factor for this development was the funding of a profile from the Knowledge Foundation in 2005. This boosted the identity of the research environment and has led to a large growth in funding from different sources.

In 2011 STC, together with the research centre FSCN, formed the common strategic mission formulated as Transformative Technology, developed in the Knowledge Foundation Environment strategic framework driven by the Knowledge Foundation. This strategic development has already strengthen the profile, quality and funding of STC..

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