Quality management and technology is a systematic approach to organizational development, grounded in values and principles, and the systematic use of processes, methods and tools to meet customer needs.

An illustration showing what is included in sustainable quality management. Customer value, leadership and management and also organizational culture.

Ongoing Research Projects

Archival Respositories in Härnösand

At Saltvik in Härnösand, the Swedish Tac agency will establish a new archival repository. Together with the municipality of Härnösand, a pilot research study is initiated to identify the...

Quality in preschools

The aim of the project is to develop methods and ways of working to create consensus on what quality in preschool is and to develop the skills of preschool principals to work with systematic qualit...

To Measure the Unmeasurable

The purpose of the project is to design and test a process and model that supports and makes visible the total value of investments in digital solutions, with a focus on welfare solutions, in...


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