Quality management and technology is a systematic approach to organizational development, grounded in values and principles, and the systematic use of processes, methods and tools to meet customer needs.

At the academic unit for Quality Technology and Management we are engaged in research, teaching and collaboration regionally, nationally and internationally to contribute to societal development by supporting organizational development in both the public and private sectors.

The research team and teaching staff reflects the interdisciplinary nature of the field with various backgrounds including economics, engineering, and behavioral science. Together, these different perspectives offer an innovative platform for research in the area of Quality Technology and Management.

Among our education programs, we offer a master's in Quality and Leadership Development, 60 credits. The training focuses on leadership for sustainable customer-oriented business development and includes continuous improvements and process development. Additionally, we offer independent courses in areas such as Lean, and provide course packages in other educational programs. We offer postgraduate education with doctoral students nationally and internationally.

Our research is both theoretical and practical in its scope with the intent to contribute to the development of Quality Technology and Management as a scientific field of study, as well as helping organizations and society to develop. Our research agenda focuses on sustainable business development with a systems perspective as a starting point and includes thematic areas such as

  • Quality and leadership development
  • Strength-based and value-based leadership and management
  • Value-based organizational culture
  • Health-promoting business development
  • Customer value
  • Customer-focused product and process development.

Ongoing Research Projects

Quality in preschools

The aim of the project is to develop methods and ways of working to create consensus on what quality in preschool is and to develop the skills of preschool principals to work with systematic qualit...