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Blåbärssoppa och glass på SM-veckan

Under SM veckan bjöd vi på varm blåbärssoppa, mjukglass och päronsorbet gjord på flytande kväve i vår monter. Våra besökare fick också testa att göra såpbubblor som renar vatten!

Treesearch Science Fair in Stockholm

Treesearch arranged a Science Fair on May 31, 2018 in Stockholm. Nassima El Miri, Rana Alimohammadzadeh and Lisa Goclik joined the Fair and presented demos from their research. One of the guests wa...

Biobased cellulose for future needs

Malin From is industrial PhD student in FORIC research school at FSCN research centre Mid Sweden University. She is working on regeneration of cellulose to create sustainable biobased cellulose fil...

Lic seminar with Hafizur Rahman

On March 22 Hafizur Rahman presented his Licentiate Thesis called Modified Kraft Pulping to Produce a Softwood Pulp Requiring Less Energy in Tissue Paper Production.

Odours as a weapon against damage to forests

Is it possible to communicate with a 5 mm long creature by means of odour? Is it possible to make elks eat only a certain part of young pine trees? If you ask the researchers in the Beska project,...

Final Symposium for e2mp

On September 19-20 2017 we gathered with partner companies and funders to discuss and evaluate results from the research program e2mp - energy efficiency in mechanical pulping.

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