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On this page you will find news and information from Mid Sweden University, collected under the tag TECHNOLOGY. This page is created based on the tag you clicked to get here.

There are 86 English pages and 62 Swedish pages that are tagged with TECHNOLOGY. The content may vary depending on language.

Treesearch Science Fair in Stockholm

Treesearch arranged a Science Fair on May 31, 2018 in Stockholm. Nassima El Miri, Rana Alimohammadzadeh and Lisa Goclik joined the Fair and presented...

Håkan Edlund in SR Västernorrland

Professor Håkan Edlund meets Fredrik Birging from SR Västernorrland and talks about research for water cleaning with bubble blower or in academic...

FSCN and FORIC on Gröna Lund

On May 22 we gathered with partner companies and colleagues in the conference SPCI and Friends on Gröna Lund, Stockholm. Gröna Lund Amanda Mattsson and Nic

Biobased cellulose for future needs

Malin From is industrial PhD student in FORIC research school at FSCN research centre Mid Sweden University. She is working on regeneration of cellulose...

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