On this page, you will find detailed information about employment at Mid Sweden University which has been collected for new employees.

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Work environment

We strive to create a positive working environment that makes us an attractive employer and a first choice for students. Mid Sweden University strives to create a stimulating and creative work environment in collaboration with our employees and students. We use the Work Environment Act (AML) as a starting point in this effort, as well as anti-discrimination legislation and the principles of gender equality and equal opportunities.

Working to create a good work environment is a common concern among our management, staff and students. Systematic work environment work (SAM) must be incorporated into our daily work routines and must be a collaborative effort. Job satisfaction and opportunities for growth are important aspects of this work.

Read more about Mid Sweden University’s systematic work environment work here. 


Wellness benefits

Based on a local collective agreement, Mid Sweden University offers our staff the opportunity to engage in wellness activities during working hours, one (1) hour per week for full-time employees. The wellness time you are awarded is proportional to your percentage of full-time employment. The wellness time is not included in the staff planning for teachers.

You can also receive compensation for your wellness activities at a maximum of SEK 2,500 per calendar year. The wellness reimbursement is calculated based on your duration of employment.

Read more about wellness benefits.


Medical care and medications

As an employee, you have the right to leave with no pay deductions for doctor or dentist appointments, etc. You are entitled to receive compensation for the part of the cost that is included in the high-cost protection scheme for visits to doctors, physiotherapists or during hospital stays.

You can also receive compensation for any prescription medications you receive.

Read more about medical care and medications.


Salary supplement for care of a child

In the case of leave with a temporary parental benefit, supplementary compensation is paid for 10 days per year for the portion of the employee’s salary above the base amount ceiling. This means that during the time you receive a temporary parental benefit, you will receive compensation equal to 80 percent of your income.


Parental benefit supplement

As an employee at Mid Sweden University, you are entitled to a parental benefit supplement amounting to a maximum of 360 days per child. The supplement amounts to 10 percent of the calendar day wage up to the base amount ceiling. For the salary amount that exceeds the base amount ceiling, the parental benefit supplement amounts to 90 percent of the calendar day wage. The supplement is only paid for days on the sickness benefit qualifying income level.

In order to receive the parental benefit supplement, payment notices from the Swedish Social Insurance Agency must be submitted

Link to the Swedish Social Insurance Agency’s website


Occupational pension

As an employee of the state, you are entitled to occupational pension, disability pension if you suffer from a long-term illness and a survivors’ benefit paid to your family in the event that you die.

Link to SPV

Read more about Mid Sweden University's benefits here.

Salary payment

Salary is paid monthly through Danske Bank. You can transfer your salary payment to another bank using BankId. The funds are available no earlier than the 25th of each month with certain exceptions during public holidays. You download your payslip yourself in Primula. Mid Sweden University does not offer salary advances.

Information and instructions for account registration at Danske Bank

If your bank account information is not registered, your salary will be paid via a bank cheque, which is sent to the address registered under “My page” in Primula. You can redeem the bank cheque at your bank or at the specified agent.

Tax certificate

As a new employee, you must submit your tax certificate to the HR administrator. You can easily order your tax certificate from the Swedish Tax Agency via their e-service.



In the case of business travel and expense allowance, you as an employee are entitled to reimbursement of travel expenses and a subsistence allowance. The reimbursement of expenses, subsistence allowance and salary supplement are calculated according to the actual mode of transport and actual length of absence from the place of employment or residence or another place where a business trip begins and ends.

Travel claims and expenses are reported in Primula. Documentation of travel and travel-related expenses, such as a conference invitations, programmes or meeting notices, must be attached to the case in digital format. If an employee has a travel-related expense, an expense attachment is submitted to the HR department together with the original receipts.

Information about Mid Sweden University’s rules for business travel, travel and subsistence allowance agreement, booking of travel, etc.

Subsistence allowance, meal benefits and meal deductions in accordance with the Swedish Tax Agency’s rules.

Sickness absence

In the event of illness, you must notify both the Service Center and your head of department/manager. The Service Center reports the absence to the HR department and the first day of illness is registered in Primula. In the event that sickness absence lasts more than seven days, a doctor’s certificate must be submitted from the 8th day of illness. When you return to work, you must fill out a notification of recovery in Primula.


E-mail: sjukanmalan@miun.se

Telephone: 010-142 80 00 (option 4)

Read more about sickness pay here.

Paid holiday

Mid Sweden University has coinciding qualifying years and holiday years. This means that the paid holiday days that you receive at the beginning of the holiday year are seen as an advance. The holiday year runs from 1 January and 31 December. You are entitled to paid holiday at an amount that corresponds to your duration of employment and extent (as a percent) during the holiday year.

The number of holiday days depends on your age:

Up to and including the year you turn 29

28 days

From the year you turn 30

31 days

From the year you turn 40

35 days

The number of holiday days when you work only part of a holiday year is calculated as follows:
(number of days of employment) / 365 x annual holiday entitlement

If you become ill or need to care for a sick child during your holiday, you are entitled to exchange these holiday days for leave due to illness or care of a sick child. In this case, remember to notify the employer the same day the illness occurs.


Holiday entitlement for teachers and doctoral students

For teachers and doctoral students at Mid Sweden University, all holiday days for the year are taken during the students’ summer break, starting on the Monday after midsummer. When taking holiday during this period, no application needs to be submitted to Primula; the days are automatically deducted.

In cases where holidays are approved and taken out at another time of the year due to, for example, summer courses, illness or by special agreement, this must be reported in Primula.

You can read more about holiday entitlement here.

Training for employees

As a new employee, we encourage you to participate in our employee training programme. The programme includes:

  • A welcome day for new employees
  • State employees at Mid Sweden University
  • Our mission – my role as a state employee at a university and university college (web-based)

Read more about Mid Sweden University’s training programme here.

Other information

Collective agreement

Mid Sweden University has a collective agreement with two trade union organisations, SACO and ST. The collective agreements are Villkorsavtal (ST, OFR/S,P,O) and Villkorsavtal-T (Saco-S). You can find the collective agreements in their entirety on the Swedish Agency for Government Employers’ (Arbetsgivarverket) website.

As the two collective agreements differ to a certain degree, it is important to notify the HR administrator which collective agreement you are covered by. If you do not notify HR, you will be placed under the Villkorsavtal  (ST, OFR / S, P, O) agreement.

Link to the unions' website

Agreement for cooperation

Mid Sweden University has entered into a local agreement for cooperation with ST and Saco.

The aim of this agreement is to develop the university’s activities by improving the conditions for organisation-wide commitment and willingness to take responsibility. The agreement regulates how participation in planning, management and follow-up of the university’s activities should occur.

Link to the agreement for cooperation



Group life insurance

All employees working at least 8 hours a week automatically receive group life insurance with SPV.

Business travel insurance

Mid Sweden University has access to two different types of business travel insurance: one that applies for bookings made through a travel agency, and one via the state business travel insurance, Kammarkollegiet.

Read more about business travel insurance


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