Scientific teams, forum and projects

At Mid Sweden University is a range of research in a variety of topics.

There are research groups and projects in a variety of topics such as social sciences, tourism, gender, science and technology, everything from democracy issues, sensor-based services and digital printing to digital information management and organizational communication.

Here you will find a list of links to the groups' respective websites.


The department of Psychology at Mid Sweden University has, in collaboration with the County Council of Jämtland, developed a cost effective model for early assessment and intervention of mental...

MILAB - Materials and Innovation Laboratory

Welcome to our new Materials and Innovation Laboratory at campus Sundsvall. Our ambition is to coordinate and develop materials science knowledge and equipment in the region to support development ...

Forum for digitalization

Forum for digitalization (FODI) develops and communicates knowledge about information, design and society analysis. We conduct research and education in collaboration with public-, private sector a...


The TIC project is an EU objective 2 project that aims to establish a kunskapsnod in the area of Information Technology. TIC in in progress during the period 2007-09-01 to 2011-01-31.


SESPA is an interdisciplinary project studying how societal entrepreneurship can contribute to sustainable development in the local community and entrepreneurship in Sweden’s sparsely populated...

Forum for Gender Studies

Forum for gender studies is a regional knowledge centre which conducts innovative research in partnership with national and international lace.


The concept of Concurrent design (CCD) is a subset of Concurrent Engineering. Was developed by NASA in order to raise the quality of the projects, reduce delays and provide better control. Is also...


CRIDIT is a research group working in the field of critical studies of digital technology and social change.


Centre for digital information management will serve as a scientific resource for the handling and management of business information.


The Val IT research group is concerned with the improvement in the development, delivery and use of business and governmental information systems (IS) from the perspective of a critical assessment ...


SIIS (Sustainable Information and Information System) is a collaboration between ValIT, Criinfo and  CEDIF

EPG - The Environmental Physiology Group

We investigate how the human physiology reacts to unique environments and situations.  Through a combination of practical field observation and controlled conditions study, we are better...

CRIINFO - Critical Information

We define design as the work with specifying requirements for functionality, layout, security, etc. for different types of systems. Systems should in turn be understood as everything from informati...


The Nordic Network for Interdisciplinary Environmental Studies is devoted to interdisciplinary environmental studies, with a particular ambition to promote work in the environmental humanities. The...